3pp Elbow Wrap

The 3ppยฎ Elbow Wrap is an easy-to-use support wrap with an adjustable pad designed to compress muscles and tendons to help relieve pain from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. The unique three-part design allows the user to determine the location and degree of pressure needed without constricting nerve or circulatory tissues. The 3ppยฎ Elbow Wrap is designed to effectively relieve pain from medial or lateral epicondylitis with an adjustable point of pressure without circumferential force. Traditional elbow braces and splints work on the circumferential force principle. This unique wrap utilizes an adjustable point of pressure directly over the pain area of the elbow without circumferential force. Each wrap comes with 2 pressure pads, 1 thick and 1 thin pad, that can be used with the pressure strap. This is the adjustable component of this elbow support. The user can apply either the thick Pad or the thin pad in a horizontal or vertical position on the pressure strap for optimal pain relief. Also included is a Design Line Cover to keep the components in place. The base wrap has a non-slip foam lining that prevents it from slipping or rolling, making over-tightening unnecessary to keep the wrap in place. This easy-to-use elbow wrap is useful for reducing pain from Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis), Golfer’s Elbow (medial epicondylitis), cumulative trauma disorders, or tendonitis. The 3pp Elbow Wrap fits both right and left elbows and is available in two sizes. To determine the size needed, measure around the forearm about 1 inch below the elbow crease. The Small/Medium size fits 8 to 10.5 inch arm circumference. The Medium/Large size fits 10.5 to 13 inch arm circumference. The slim design of this wrap allows it to fit easily under clothes while providing light support. 3pp Elbow Wrap Information 3pp Elbow Wrap Instructions 3pp Elbow Wrap Specifications: Fits: Right and left elbows. Sizing Instructions: Measure around the forearm about 1 inch below the elbow crease. Small/Med size fits: 8 – 10.5 inch circumference. Medium/Large size fits: 10.5 – 13 inch circumference. Color: Black. Material: Latex free, breathable polyurethane. Care: Machine or hand wash, air dry.