3pp ThumSaver MP

The 3pp ThumSaver MP is a seamless molded splint that stabilizes the thumb MP joint in neutral position. This lightweight splint provides firm control of the thumb mp, protects ligaments, and reduces painful grinding at the MP joint. Choose this rigid splint for gamekeeper’s or skier’s thumb. The 3pp ThumSaver MP reduces CMC joint pain felt when pinching or gripping small objects. Thin, low-profile design provides targeted thumb support to relieve pain from arthritis, ligament injuries, and Gamekeeper’s or Skier’s thumb, and can be worn inside gloves and mitts. This thumb splint is made from high temperature plastic that will not break or deform with heat. The design is trimmed to allow IP and wrist motion, and includes cushioned felt pads for custom cushioning. Palm-free design allows users to be fully active while still providing the protection needed to heal injuries and relieve pain. This splint is designed so nothing is across the little finger side of the hand, so users can move their hand across paper while still holding a pen or pencil. This splint lets the wrist move freely while it supports the thumb. 3pp ThumSaver MP Instructions 3pp ThumSaver MP Specifications: Material: Seamless, molded high temperature plastic. Specify: Left or Right Hand. Indications: Gamekeeper’s Thumb, Ligament Injuries, Skier’s Thumb, Thumb Arthritis, CMC Thumb Arthritis. Wear: Designed for daytime wear to reduce symptoms of CMC joint arthritis, ligament injury or Gamekeeperย’s thumb. Wearing the splint at night during sleep may be helpful to protect the thumb for those with Gamekeeperย’s thumb or ligament strains. Care: Hand Washing recommended. Air dry only. To determine size: Measure Length: From the IP joint (knuckle at the end of the thumb) to the wrist crease. (See size chart image above.) Measure Circumference: Of the IP joint (around the knuckle at the end of the thumb). Consult: Measuring guide and size chart below.