3pp ThumSling

The 3pp ThumSling is a contoured strap that wraps around and “hugs” the CMC joint. This soft thumb splint provides light support and compression to reduce CMC joint subluxation and grinding pain. 3pp ThumSling is made with four-way stretch material that provides even compression without adding bulk. The non-slip foam lining keeps skin clean and dry while providing a soft, secure hold without rolling or binding. The wrap-around design eliminates constriction around the thumb. A 2-inch removable stay is included for added control wherever it is needed. The hook closures can be engaged anywhere on the strap for a custom fit. The 3pp ThumSling is designed with thin, foam-lined material that conforms to the thumb and hand for a non-bulky fit that makes it easy to reach into a pocket or purse without dislodging the support. To determine the size needed, lay your hand flat and measure around the MP joints (large knuckles). Specify size and Left or Right. 3pp ThumSling Information 3pp ThumSling Specifications: Color: Gray. Small/Medium fits: 6 – 7.25 inches. Medium/Large fits: 7.25 – 9 inches. Material: Latex free, four way stretch with foam lining.