42 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-Lok

The 42 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK is an extra long reaching aid with durable silicone cup tips and stainless steel springs that do not rust. This handy aid for daily living provides increased independence for grabbing a variety of items. The 42 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK has round silicone tips that provide a powerful and secure grip with delicate sensitivity. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, the stainless steel spring mechanism allows for heavy duty use. The handle is comfortable to hold and has an easy-to-operate pistol grip full finger trigger. The 42 inch EZ Reacher will handle objects of different shapes and sizes up to 5 pounds. The locking model has an on/off lever locking mechanism to hold the jaws securely around the item being retrieved. A flip of the thumb releases the lock. The jaws open to 4.5 inches wide. The 42 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK and blue silicone cups that are flexible enough to pick up items off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to handle a large can of soup or box of cereal. An optional wrist support provides added arm support for people with limited strength. 42 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK Specifications: Weight Capacity: Holds item up to 5 pounds. Jaw opening: 4.5 inches wide. Length: 42 inches. Weight: 12 oz.