6 inch Wheelchair Brake Lever Extensions

These 6-inch Wheelchair Brake Lever Extensions make it easier to lock the manual brakes on a wheelchair. These extensions slide over the existing brake lever on most manual wheelchairs. The 6-inch Wheelchair Brake Lever Extensions are replacement handles that provide increased leverage and help to make reaching the brake easier. The brake lock extension is made of chrome-plated stainless steel, 5/8 inch round tubing. The rubber tips allow users to easily push down or pull up on the brakes, and safely cover the end of the steel tubing. These wheelchair brake handle extensions can be installed easily. Simply remove the existing rubber knobs on the wheelchair brakes and slide the extensions into place. These extensions allow wheelchair users to independently lock their brakes. These extensions add 6 inches to the preexisting wheelchair brakes, and depending on the orientation of the wheelchair brake, these extensions may add additional width to the chair. These extensions allow for more controlled braking and reduce the chance of injury from exiting an unlocked wheelchair. These brake handle extensions are sold as a pair. The slot opening measures slightly under 3/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch long. These levers should fit any regular wheelchair brake assembly. Manual wheelchair users will find the 6-inch Wheelchair Brake Lever Extensions helpful for increasing mobility and safety. 6-inch Wheelchair Brake Lever Extensions Specifications: Sold as: One pair. Fit: Most manual wheelchairs including Invacare, Drive, and most others. Material: Stainless steel. Color: Grey tip. Measure: 5/8 inch diameter, 8 inches long overall. Item weighs: 0.35 Pounds.