60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt

Use this 60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt to provide assistance for individuals with unsteady gait when walking. Secure the 2 inch wide belt using the metal buckle around the individual just like a regular belt. The 60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt is made of heavy duty cotton webbing, and features a patented bold design. This easy to use belt provides a secure hand hold for the caregiver to help steady the wearer when walking. This walking belt features a steel, nickel chrome plated metal buckle for secure closing and easy adjusting. The Patriot Stripe Gait Belt is available in a variety of lengths, and also with a quick release buckle. The color patterns of the Red, White and Blue, 2 inch heavy duty cotton webbing that comprises our Patriot Gait Belt has been exclusively manufactured for Kinsman Enterprises claims a copyright for the color scheme design. 60 inch Patriot Stripe Gait Belt Specifications: Material: Heavy duty cotton webbing, steel, nickle chrome plated buckle. Width: 2 inches. Length: 60 inches. Care: Hand wash and drip dry.