Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack

The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack by Carex is a versatile pack filled with 100% organic materials that can be heated or cooled for therapeutic pain relief. The flexible design of this hot and cold pack evenly conforms even when cold. The safe and easy to use Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack is filled with 100% natural grains herbs and flowers. Designed to be used as a natural alternative, the moist heating pad soothes tired aching muscles, relieves joint pain and soreness. Used cold, the pack provides effective soothing cold treatment for acute pains and injuries. Users will find the Bed Buddy Hot Cold Pack can be used in a variety of application for therapeutic pain relief. Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack Specifications: Color: White. Weight: 2 lbs. Dimensions: 23 inches long, 4.25 inches wide. Materials: Filled with natural grains, herbs, and flowers. Model: BBF199812.