Blue Scooper Plate with Suction Base

The Blue Scooper Plate with Suction Base is an adapted dining plate with a suction grip on the bottom to prevent sliding. The raised edge and a reverse curve on one side help users when scooping food onto a utensil. The Blue Scooper Plate with Suction Base has a 1/2 inch high edge around the plate that helps to reduce spills. The 1.5-inch high curve helps users to push food onto their eating utensils without spilling over the side. When the user pushes pushed food into the curve, it rolls back onto the spoon or fork. The plate has a 6.75-inch diameter, which is smaller than standard dining plates. The blue color provides high contrast for people with low vision to better identify light-colored foods. The bottom of the dish has a rubber suction base to prevent skidding and keeps the plate in place on tabletops. Molded of heat-resistant plastic, this adapted scoop plate is dishwasher-safe. The broad nonskid vinyl base must be removed from the bowl before placing it in the dishwasher, dishwasher safe on top rack only up to 180 degrees. Users with limited mobility or dexterity who experience challenges when dining will find the Blue Scooper Plate with Suction Base helpful for promoting independent eating. Buy 3 or more and Save. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Blue Scooper Plate with Suction Base Specifications: Measures: 6.75 inch diameter. Raised edge measures: 1/2 inch high. Curved scooping rim measures: 1.5 inches high. Material: Polypropylene. Care: Dishwasher safe. Color: Blue.