CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser

The CanDoยฎ Assembled Pedal Exerciser is an inexpensive and easy-to-use bicycle-type exerciser that allows the user to perform both upper and lower body exercises while seated. The pedal exerciser can be placed on a table or other surface for an arm workout, or set on the floor for exercising your legs. This lightweight pedal exerciser is portable and can be used in a variety of settings. The CanDo Pedal Exerciser ships pre-assembled, only the adjustable tension knob has to be added. Controlling the amount of resistance is easy. Just turn the knob clockwise to increase resistance and counterclockwise to decrease. The tension range goes from very easy to noticeably difficult. The 11-inch widespread and four flat-bottom rubber feet help keep this pedal exerciser stable on the floor or table. Users will find the wrap-around adjustable foot straps allow them to use the exerciser with or without shoes. The adjustable straps have two settings. This pedal exerciser allows the user to pedal forwards or backward. The frame is fully assembled and welded as one piece. Other models described as “knock down” requires the frame components to be assembled, which often results in a less rigid product. The CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser is a perfect alternative to a traditional stationary bike, to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range of motion, and coordination. This convenient, affordable, time efficient home pedal exerciser can be used for a wide range of goals, from rehab and elderly exercise to muscle strengthening and vigorous aerobic workouts. CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser Instructions for Assembly and Use CanDo Assembled Pedal Exerciser Specifications: Measures overall: 11 inches wide, 22 inches long, 17 inches high. Pedals measure: 3.75 inches wide, 1.75 inches long. Rubber feet measure: 1 inch wide, 3 inches long. Weight: 9 pounds. Materials: High quality 1 inch chrome-plated steel solid welded frame. Model: 10-0710.