CanDo Economy Wobble Board

The CanDoยฎ Economy Wobble Board is a round plastic board with a small dome on the bottom giving it a small point of ground contact that allows the board to move in any direction. Users can place one or both feet on the board for balance training fun. The 14 inch diameter disc has raised circles on surface which makes the board slip-resistant. The 2 inch high dome on the bottom allows the user to perform progressive balance exercises from easy to difficult. For people with poor balance, this durable board can help increase range of motion, and strengthen feet, ankles, calves, and condition the whole lower body. By standing on the board and performing weight shifting exercises, users will improve balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. The CanDo Wobble Board is made from lightweight molded plastic and weighs 5 pounds. CanDo Economy Wobble Board Instructions for Assembly and Use CanDo Economy Wobble Board Specifications: Measures: 14 inch diameter, 2.5 inches high. Material: Lightweight molded plastic. Weight: 5 lbs. Model: 10-1745.