CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar

The CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar is a flexible hand bar exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. This 12 inch long rubber bar is the perfect size for twisting and bending, promoting coordination and increasing range-of-motion. Each CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar has a diameter of 1.75 inches, to provide a more consistent workout. The consistent bar diameter and length allows users to exercise the same muscles with each resistance. The bars are available in 6 different resistance levels, from extra-extra light tan for seniors to extra-firm black for athletic training. The bar can also be used for oscillation movements for neuromuscular and balance training, or for soft tissue and joint mobilization. To perform bending exercises, the user places both hands on or near the ends of the CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar, and exerts force to bend the bar. For twisting exercises, the user flexes one wrist while extending the other. The 12 inch long rubber bar utilizes the same graduated progressive color code as other CanDo products: Tan XX-Light, Yellow X-Light, Red Light, Green Medium, Blue Firm, and Black X-Firm. CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar Instructions & Manual CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar Resistance Levels: Tan: XX-light. Yellow: X-light. Red: Light. Green: Medium. Blue: Firm. Black: X-firm. CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar Specifications: Dimensions: 12 inches long. Diameter: 1.75 inch. Weight: 2.0 lbs.