Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder

The Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder keeps a walking cane in place and upright where needed – on tables, counter tops, or leaning against walls. Use this cane holder anywhere to keep a walking cane upright without worrying about it falling. The unique design allows users to easily position the holder on their walking cane. Simple Squeeze the Cane Stay walking cane holder to fit standard 3/4 inch diameter or larger canes. It is easy to both attach and remove which facilitates sharing among multiple canes. The walking cane will not slide or slip. No more bending and reaching to retrieve a cane after it has dropped or slipped to the floor. Once in place, it won’t slip and the walking cane won’t fall. Wide design makes this unique cane holder easy to balance against a wall. The Cane Stay is made of strong, durable, pliable, long-lasting plastic. Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder Specifications: Fits: Standard size canes 3/4 inch in diameter or more. Measures: 3 inches long, 4 inches wide, 0.7 inch high. Material: Strong, durable, pliable plastic. Latex free. Made in: USA. Color: Black.