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Category Archives: Canes & Accessories

ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane

The ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane is an adjustable walking cane created by an orthopedic surgeon for maximum comfort and stability. The ErgoActives Adjustable Ergonomic Cane aims to provide the best walking experience

Cane Expressions Cane Covers

The Cane Expressions Walking Cane Covers are sleeves for walking canes made of stretchable fabric in fun colors. These decorative covers keep cane users moving in style. People who use standard, old,

Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder

The Cane Stay Walking Cane Holder is an affordable, easy to use walking cane holder. Use this walking cane holder anywhere to keep a cane upright without falling. Cane Stay can be

In-Step LaserCane

The In-Step LaserCane is a walking cane with a laser light designed for use by people with ataxia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and other neurological disabilities. Walking can be smooth again with the

Juvo Travel Cane Seat

The Juvo Travel Cane Seat slides open to change from a traditional cane to a convenient seat. The tri-pod design with vinyl, contoured-tipped legs provides support and balance while using the cane

Juvo Premium Cane Tip Self Standing

The Juvo Premium Cane Tip Self Standing is a large cane base that features an active traction design, dual-polymer materials and provides significantly more traction than an ordinary cane tip. The large

Clip Walking Cane Holder

The Clip Walking Cane Holder is a cane holder with double clips that holds your cane and clips to round tubing. This cane holder allows users to keep a cane handy wherever

INGRID Cane Holder – Walking Cane Holder

The INGRID Cane Holder – Walking Cane Holder was developed in 1998 following consultation with Swedish experts in design and steel manufacturing, resulting in a unique combination of elegance and function. This

Juvo 3/4 Inch Stand Up Cane Tip

The Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip 3/4 Inch is a great product to promote safety and increase mobility for seniors or the disabled. This large cane tip allows your cane to stand

Juvo 7/8 Inch Stand Up Cane Tip

The Juvo 7/8 Inch Stand Up Cane Tip is a large cane tip that allows a walking cane to stand upright on flat, level surfaces. People using a walking cane for mobility

Universal Cane Wrist Strap

The Universal Cane Wrist Strap is a durable strap that easily slips over the user’s wrist to keep a walking cane secure. This cane accessory eliminates the awkwardness of trying to find

Cane Holder

The Cane Holder prevents a walking cane from falling, keeping it upright and easily accessible. This walking cane holder is spring loaded and snaps onto walking crutch or walking cane tubing 5/8

AbleTripod Walking Cane Base

The AbleTripod Walking Cane Base is an ergonomically designed stable and innovate rubber replacement cane tip. This triangle base cane tip allows a walking cane to be self-standing, providing maximum stability and

Adjustable Folding Designer Canes

Decorative aluminum Adjustable Folding Designer Canes feature attractive designer patterns and colors. These fun and fashionable folding canes are perfect for both men and women. When folded, they fit conveniently and compactly