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Category Archives: Sitting, Standing and Transfer Aids

EZ Stand-N-Go by Standers

The EZ Stand-N-Go by Standers is an adjustable support frame that assists users in standing easily from a recliner chair or couch. The dual handle frame places the two handles in the

Posey Ergonomic Gait Belt

The Posey Ergonomic Gait Belt is an extra wide, heavy duty belt designed for assisting individuals with mobility and balance disabilities. This durable cotton belt with plastic handles on each side and

My Car Buckle Mate

The My Car Buckle Mate is a simple adaptive product that keeps floppy backseat seat belt buckles propped up and easy to reach. This seat belt buckle aid helps make buckling a

Freedom Staff Portable Handicap Driving Tools

The Freedom Staff Portable Handicap Driving Tools is an adaptive driving control device that is helpful for people who cannot use their legs to control the brake and gas pedals of a

Independence Bed Table by Standers

The Independence Bed Table by Standers is a steel frame bed rail with an attached tray table and pocket organizer. The ergonomic handle provides assistance for mobility while the tray table provides

30 Inch Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch by Standers

The 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail with Padded Pouch by Standers is a folding hand rail with a cushion organizer that provides added protection. This durable bed rail helps prevent falls out

30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Standers

The 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail by Standers attaches easily to any size home or hospital bed and is reversible, allowing the rail to be placed on either side of the bed.

Recliner Risers by Standers

The Recliner Risers by Standers attach quickly and easily to the wooden base of recliner. The patented design raises chair 1-3/4 inches. When a person stands from a typical recliner, it tilts

Bedside Econorail by Standers

The Bedside Econorail by Standers is made of aircraft-grade, hardened anodized aluminum, and weighs less than 2 pounds. This portable bed rail has a full size cushioned handle for comfort and an

Stable Rail by Standers

The Stable Rail by Standers provides a stable support for safe bed transfers. The height adjustment of this bed rail support handle accommodates home and hospital beds. The extendable legs provide added

Transfer Sling and Gait Belt

The Transfer Sling and Gait Belt is a gait belt that is combined with a transfer sling that helps make sit-pivot transfers easier. This transfer aid gently supports behind back and under

Little Boost Platform

The Little Boost Platform is a uniquely designed product to assist users who have difficulty with moving from sitting to standing. This chair raiser is an affordable alternative to a expensive lift

Economy Gait Belt Stripe

The Economy Gait Belt Stripe is helpful for providing walking, standing, or sitting assistance for people with limited mobility. The 2 inch wide cotton belt has metal buckle that easily secures and

Easi-Care Gait Belts

Easi-Care Gait Belts are made of 2 inch wide vinyl coated webbing and have a metal buckle. These gait and transfer belts are designed to minimize contamination and are very easy to

Super Pole System Heavy Duty Transfer Pole

The Health Craft Super Pole System Heavy Duty Transfer Pole floor to ceiling support pole provides standing and balance assistance for overweight users. Vertical grab bar with comfortable, high quality gripping surface

Posey Six Handled Gait Belt

The Posey Six Handled Gait Belt is a durable 4 inch wide belt with multiple hand grips and a quick release or metal slide buckle. This transfer belt helps caregivers when assisting

UP-Lift Seat Assist Chair Lift

The UP-Lift™ Seat Assist Chair Lift has a gentle hydraulic action that easily raises or lowers the user to or from most any chair. This lifting cushion lifts 70% of the user’s

All Purpose Work Stool with Adjustable Arms

The All Purpose Work Stool with Adjustable Arms provides an elevated seat for people who cannot stand for long periods of time. This lightweight portable high chair is the ideal height for

Economy Gait Belt Rainbow

The Economy Gait Belt Rainbow is a 2 inch wide cotton belt with metal buckle for providing mobility assistance. People with limited mobility who need assistance for transferring, walking, or standing will

Gait and Transfer Belts Pediatric Stripe

Gait and Transfer Belts Pediatric Stripe provide assistance for walking, standing, or sitting. Made of highest-quality, 100% cotton, these 2 inch wide belts are designed for comfort and safety. The Gait and