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Category Archives: Upper Body Fitness

Stamina InStride POP Fitness Cycle

The Stamina InStride POP Fitness Cycle is a lightweight portable peddler that can be used for a lower body or upper body workout. The legs easily fold back up, allowing the user

Stuck in Bed Fitness Viper Travel Kit

The Stuck in Bed Fitness Viper Travel Kit is a compact, travel exercise system that includes all the accessories needed for working out. This portable adapted exercise kit includes multiple therapy and

Stuck in Bed Fitness Deluxe Spider Edition

The Stuck in Bed Fitness Spider Edition is a fully adjustable gym with accessories for performing 100 different exercises in a bed, chair, recliner, wheelchair, or standing up. People suffering from a

CVA Exercise Pulley with Extended Door Bracket

The CVA Exercise Pulley has an extended, over the door bracket and large handles. This shoulder pulley is designed to assist stroke survivors in increasing upper body range of motion easily and

Blue-Ranger Shoulder Pulley with Door Bracket

The Blue-Ranger Shoulder Pulley with Door Bracket is a durable, high quality shoulder pulley with metal bracket that fits over the top of a door. This affordable pulley has self-locking handles and

Pull-Easy Grip-Free Shoulder Pulley with Door Strap

The Pull-Easy Grip-Free Shoulder Pulley with Door Strap has a soft foam wrist support that does not require gripping. This grip-free shoulder pulley system offers active and passive range of motion exercises

Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser

The Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser is ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of the hand. With regular use, this egg shaped hand exercise aid helps to improve grip strength, increases dexterity and mobility,

The Breather Respiratory Strength Trainer

The Breather Respiratory Strength Trainer is a hand held device designed to strengthen the muscles of inspiration and expiration. This portable, easy to use breathing strengthening aid is beneficial for anyone interested

Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser

The Thumb Helper Thumb Exerciser provides a variety of resistance exercises for strengthening the thumb and individual fingers. Color-coded elastic bands are included for progressive exercise resistance to increase isotonic strength and

HandMaster Plus Hand Exerciser

The patented HandMaster Plus Hand Exerciser exercises the hand through its full, natural, 3-dimensional range of motion. This simple rehabilitative and exercise product provides users excellent results in improved performance and reduced

Ultimate Hand Helper

The Ultimate Hand Helper Hand Exerciser is a uniquely designed hand exerciser for effectively improving hand strength and finger motion. This unique hand exerciser has an ergonomic design with a padded handle

Blue-Ranger Shoulder Pulley with Door Strap

The Blue-Ranger™ Shoulder Pulley with Door Strap is a high quality, affordable shoulder pulley with webbing door strap. The new & improved self-locking handles allow the user to easily adjust the length

Pull-Easy Grip-Free Shoulder Pulley with Door Bracket

The Pull-Easy™ Grip-Free Shoulder Pulley with Door Bracket is designed with a grip-free hold and soft foam wrist support for people with limited grasp. This grip-free pulley system is the perfect exercise

Econo-Ranger Shoulder-Pulley

The Econo-Ranger Shoulder-Pulley is an over door shoulder pulley with two wooden handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley. This shoulder pulley is available with a webbing door strap or metal bracket

Flex-Grip Hand Pad Exerciser

The Flex-Grip Hand Pad Exerciser is a soft, non-allergenic latex-free polymere that is comfortable for small or large fingers and hands. This triangle shaped gripper is designed to strengthen the muscles of

Endorphin 300-E1 Hand Cycle

The Endorphin 300-E1 Hand Cycle is a complete upper body conditioning system. This hand cycle features a bi-directional flywheel e-resistance system which allows the user to exercise with resistance in both the

Soft Touch Foam Exerciser Kit

The Soft Touch Foam Exercise Kit by MedDev is a set of three polyurethane foam hand exercisers. These hand-contoured foam blocks help strengthen and promote flexibility in weak or sensitive hands. The

Heartflex Upper Body Exerciser

The HeartFlex Upper Body Exerciser improves function of specific upper body muscles and joints while stimulating circulation. The unique resistance assembly is completely passive and cannot snap back causing pain and injury.

CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar

The CanDo Twist-n-Bend Bar is a flexible hand bar exerciser designed to strengthen muscles in the hand, wrist and shoulder. This 12 inch long rubber bar is the perfect size for twisting

Endorphin 300-E2 Hand Cycle

The Endorphin 300-E2 Hand Cycle provides effective upper body cardio training and conditioning for wheelchair users. This adaptable exercise unit features a magnetic belt drive that provides smooth frictionless resistance in both