Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Arm Pads

The Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Arm Pads are designed to reduce friction and help prevent the incidence of skin breakdown for crutch users. These glycerin gel pads provide long lasting comfort and are especially useful for individuals who utilize crutches for longer periods. Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Arm Pads attach easily to the top of crutches with hook-and-loop closures. These crutch arm pad cushions are manufactured using a high glycerine content gel which is 3/8 inch thick. This patented gel formula ensures that the arm pads and handgrips will retain their shape and effectiveness. They will not dry out, crack or split. In addition, this resilient gel helps prevent friction and skin breakdown. Remove the old arm pad from the crutch core. When applying the arm pad, simply stretch the Crutch-Mate over the core and press the hook and loop closure in place. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap or disinfectant. Crutch Mate Gel Arm Pads are sold in pairs. Crutch Mate Elasto-Gel Arm Pads Specifications: Dimensions: 11 inches long, 6 inches wide, 3/8 inch thick. Material: Glycerin gel. Fits: Axillary crutches. Includes: One pair gel arm pads. Made in: USA.