Dramm Colormark 30 inch Rain Wand

The Dramm Colormark 30 inch Rain Wand is a professional watering tool with handcrafted brass shut off valve and gentle flow water breaker. The comfortable foam grip has a fingertip brass shut-off valve that is easy to use. The Dramm Colormark Rain Wand has a 30 inch anodized aluminum extension wand with an 8 inch black foam grip. The 400 hole water breaker nozzle creates a gentle rain fall to prevent damage to tender plants and reduces splashing of soil onto surrounding foliage. Both the male and female threaded ends of this premium watering wand are double crimped to make a stronger connection at the trigger and water breaker. The Dramm Colormark 30 inch Rain Wand is made of professional grade materials and is available in 6 colors red, orange, gold, green, blue and berry. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the color you order will be in stock. Dramm Colormark 30 inch Rain Wand Specifications: Measures: 30 inches long. Materials: Anodized aluminum extension wand, black foam grip, brass shut off valve, 400PL water breaker nozzle. Color: Assorted red, blue, orange, green, yellow, berry. (Sorry, no color choice.) Made in: USA.