Easi Grip Garden Tools Trowel

The Easi Grip Garden Tools Trowel has a new, more comfortable, ergonomically angled handle designed to keep the hand and wrist in a natural position. People who experience wrist and hand strain and discomfort when gardening will find this adapted gardening trowel helpful. The Easi Grip Garden Tools Trowel upright handle has a soft feel and is non-slip, even in wet conditions. The shape of handle has been updated to make this hand trowel even more comfortable to use, with increased yellow areas to assist locating it in a garden or tool shed. The stainless steel metal tool section helps prevent soil adhesion. The soft feel non-slip grip prevents the tools from turning in the hand, and allows users to keep their hand and wrist in a fist-grip position to help prevent strain and discomfort, so gardening is more enjoyable. The Easi Grip Garden Trowel can be used with the plug-in Arm Support Cuff which allows the strength of the forearm to also be used. Easi Grip Garden Trowel Specifications: Length: 10 inches. Weight: 9 oz.