Easi-Grip Grater

The Easi-Grip Grater is an adapted grater with a large upright handle that allows more pressure to be applied while grating. The handle is large and comfortable to hold and has a soft, non-slip grip that provides increased control. The Easi-Grip Grate handle is made with a soft feel molded plastic, which provides a firm comfortable grip in either hand. The stainless steel grater is set at 90 degrees from the handle, keeping the hand and wrist in a neutral stress free position. The grater measures 5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. People with limited hand strength will find the Easi-Grip Grater helpful in the kitchen to make food preparation easier. The Easi-Grip Grater is comfortable for everyone to use, but is particularly beneficial for those with weak hands or wrists. Easi-Grip Grater Specifications: Length: 5 inches. Width: 2.25 inches. Care: Dishwasher safe.