Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Trowel

The Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Trowel provides additional length to assist gardeners working from a seated position, or those with bending difficulties, to reach ground level or a raised flowerbed. This adapted long garden trowel is ideal for digging and gardening without bending over. The Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Trowel has an ergonomically angled handle designed to keep the hand and wrist in a natural and comfortable position, while the length of the tool helps to decrease back and shoulder strain from over reaching. The handle has a soft feel and is non-slip even when wet. The non-slip grip tool does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or damp conditions. The stainless steel tool glides smoothly through soil even when wet and stops the tool becoming heavy with the weight of any adhered earth. Due to the design and balance of this extra long trowel, the manufacturer recommends that the Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Trowel be used with the Easi Grip Support Cuff to improve weight distribution and control. The arm support cuff is in two parts – a round cuff and a connector, which plugs into the back of all Easi Grip garden tools and add-on handles. The cuff prevents dropping the tool if you loose your grip, and makes the tool more comfortable when gardening. Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Instructions Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tool Trowel Specifications: Measures: 34 inches long. Weighs: 20 oz. Materials: Stainless steel shaft, plastic handle.