Econo-Ranger Shoulder-Pulley

The Econo-Ranger Shoulder-Pulley is an over door shoulder pulley with two wooden handles and a smooth nylon roller pulley. This shoulder pulley is available with a webbing door strap or metal bracket that easily attaches the pulley to a standard door. This exerciser is used to maintain or increase range of motion or help rebuild muscle strength in the shoulders. For increasing range of motion and stretching, the user’s affected arm can be pulled by the unaffected hand in a gentle, stretching motion. For increasing muscle strength, cuff weights can be added for increased resistance. Choose from the no-slip webbing door strap model or the metal door bracket. The webbing door strap anchors the pulley at the best height for the user, and fits on the side or over the top of the door. Both attachments are very secure and easy to place one-handed in the door. The wooden dowel handles are easy to grip. The regular white rope is easy to adjust the length. The durable nylon roller pulley is smooth and quiet. This exact pulley system is often recommended by Physical Therapists and is simple to use, portable and quiet. Econo-Ranger Shoulder-Pulley Specifications: Choose Model: No-slip Webbing Door Strap or Metal Door Bracket. Handles measure: 4 inches long, 1 inch diameter. Materials: Nylon rope, nylon pulley, wooden handles.