Electric Razor Strap

The Electric Razor Strap is a universal cuff with straps designed to hold a variety of electric razors. People with limited grip will find this adapted shaving aid easy to use. The Electric Razor Strap has an adjustable 1/2 inch wide strap with hook and loop (Velcro) closure that holds a variety of razor types. First slide the cuff over the hand. The front finger loops with D rings allow the user to adjust the strap to the desired fit around the palm of the hand. The electric razor is inserted into the front strap pouch. The cuff includes a top strap that can be used to secure the razor, depending on the razor model. The Electric Razor Strap provides users people who have difficulty holding a standard razor a secure grip for shaving independently. Non returnable hygiene item. Electric Razor Strap Instructions Electric Razor Strap Specifications: Measures: 1/2 inch wide strap. Holds: Most popular electric razors. Closure: Hook and loop (Velcro) with D Rings finger loops.