ErgoCap High Performance Crutch Tip

The new ErgoActives Ergocap High Performance Crutch Tip is a universal replacement tip with a four-foot design for increased stability. Crutch users will find this unique replacement crutch tip effectively imitates the foot and ankle joint for improved stability at any angle. The Ergocap Crutch Tip has four anti-slip extensions for balance and support. This durable crutch tip encourages users to walk in the ideal heel-toe manner, exhibiting improved posture and reducing unnecessary pain. The 360-degree neck tip adjusts as the user walks with crutches, decreasing the strength required to maneuver the crutches and lessening excessive force on the shoulders. This replacement crutch tip is helpful for walking with all types of crutches on all types of terrain. The Ergocap Crutch Tip features a patented shock-absorbing system that helps to reduce vibration and impact with the ground experienced by the user. The patented design with four ailerons springing from the base more effectively grips surfaces, especially wet or humid surfaces. Made out of latex free, strong rubber, the Ergocap Crutch Tip is highly durable and will not deteriorate as quickly as other crutch tips in the market. Buy 2 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. ErgoCap High Performance Cane and Crutch Tip Instructions Ergocap High Performance Crutch Tip Specifications: Fits: Crutches and canes with round tubing up to 0.75 inches. Material: Durable, centrifuged rubber, rubber without latex. Dimensions: 3.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches high overall. Weight: 7.3 oz. Includes: One ErgoCap High Performance Crutch Tip.