Faucet Grip Handle Grips Double Pack

The Faucet Grip Handle Grips Double Pack are adapted handles designed to allow users to easily turn and loosen solid t-handle, round, and oval outdoor faucets. The larger gripping surface provides extra leverage for users who have difficulty gripping and turning outdoor water faucets. The Faucet Grip Handle Grips Double Pack easy to attach handles helps users turn outdoor water faucets that have a solid T-handle, lattice work oval or round shapes. Each package includes two adapted gripping handles. When outdoor faucets are wet and slippery, they can be difficult to grip for users with decreased hand strength. These handles provide an easy to grip surface and additional leverage to firmly tighten and shut off the water, helping users save water too. These adapted handles are made out of high density, food grade HDPE plastic and can withstand both extreme cold and heat. The grip handles attach easily to most solid T-handle, oval and round latticework outdoor faucets using a screwdriver and the included hardware. Simply align 2 holes in the grip handle with slots in the existing faucet head and attach using the provided long screws and nuts. The hole pattern includes 2 larger holes to accommodate a standard lawn sprinkler key as is shown on the picture on the back of the package. This allows the faucet to be operated without having to bend over or reach through shrubbery. When these adapted faucet grip hose bib handles are placed on top of the existing latticework handle and screwed into place, give gardeners the ability to turn the faucet on and off completely and with ease. Users with decreased grip strength will find the Faucet Grip Handle Grip Double Pack of 2 makes turning the water on and off easier on outdoor faucets. Faucet Grip Handle Grip Double Pack Specifications: Materials: ABS plastic. Includes: Two Faucet Grips with two screws and two nuts for installation. Measures: 4.45 inches long, 1.9 inches wide, 0.5 inch high. Weighs: 0.125 lb. Fits: Most solid T-handle, round and oval lattice type outdoor faucets. Color: Green.