Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid

The Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid is helpful for putting on socks without bending over and has two built up handles for a comfortable grip. People who have difficulty bending will find this dressing aid easy to use. The Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid helps make putting on socks easier. Simply slide the sock over the flexible plastic form, and use long cord handles to pull the sock on your foot with ease. The two foam handles provide a large diameter surface for those with limited grasp to easily grip. The sock aid is lined with nylon fabric on the inside that allows the foot to slide into the sock. On the outside is terry cloth fabric that provides non-slip resistance to the sock, helping prevent the sock from slipping off the sock aid before it is snug on the foot. This flexible sock aid bends, making it easier to load the sock onto the holder without overstretching the sock. Sock aids are often recommended by Occupational Therapists for those with hip, knee or back surgery for putting on socks without bending over. The Foam Handle Sock Aid is ideal for improving dressing independence for users who have difficulty bending. Buy 3 or more and Save. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid Specifications: Sock aid measures: 9 inches long, 4.5 inches wide overall. Straps measure: 29 inches long, 1 inch wide. Handles measure: 4 inches long, 1.25 inch diameter. Color: Blue.