Freedom Staff Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

The Freedom Staff Hand Controls for disabled drivers are portable driving tools that include a steering knob. This device is helpful for users who cannot use their legs to control the brake and gas pedals of a car but want to be able to drive a car other that has not been custom modified. The revolutionary design allows users to easily handle the steering wheel with one hand while operating the hand control device with the other hand. The Freedom Staff Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers is a complete system that gives disabled drivers the freedom and independence to drive a vehicle. The controls are easy to attach to any car, van, or truck with an automatic transmission. The easy-to-use control handles allow the user to accelerate by gently pulling the lever and to brake by gently pushing the lever toward the floor. The smooth action lever handles are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. It is also very lightweight, weighing about 4.1 pounds. The aircraft-grade aluminum keeps the weight low as well as corrosion-resistant, and stainless steel hardware prevents bending or buckling. The handles are easy to install using the included strap that slides over the steering column to stabilize the controls in position. The hand controls are very portable and easy to transport, weighing about four pounds and only 18 inches long when folded. Freedom Staff Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Specifications: Attaches to: Automatic transmission vehicles. Includes: Lever handles, steering knob, adjustable strap, carrying bag. Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware. Handle measures: 13 inches wide. Brake adjusts: 22 – 30 inches. Accelerator adjusts: 19-1/2 – 26-3/4 inches.