Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers

The Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers are a pair of gel and foam hand pads that provide the ultimate in crutch comfort and skin protection. These gel hand pads can aid in healing existing sores and/or abrasions for crutch users. The Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers are durable hand grip covers that stretch to fit over existing crutch handles and secure with Velcro. No tools are needed to install these gel hand grip covers. These gripping pads are made out of a medical grade gel infused material, are soft, easy to clean, and highly efficient at distributing pressure. Unlike other gel crutch handle covers, the gel will not seep through the stitching or move throughout the material. Gel Ovations products incorporate a latex-free, solid gel with a durable neoprene nylon surface. It does not flow or leak out when cut, will not rot or dry out, does not retain heat, is latex free, and odorless. This gel is highly efficient at distributing pressure, protecting bony prominences and reducing abrasions, shear, and harmful pressure-related problems. Crutch users will find the Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers helpful for preventing hand pain and discomfort. Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers Instructions Gel Ovations Crutch Handle Covers Specifications: Fit: Standard crutch hand grips. Include: One pair. Materials: Medical grade silicone, solid polymer polyurethane, latex free. Measure: 4 inches wide. Care: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry.