Grip Solutions Writing Grip

The Grip Solutions Writing Grip is a better non-slip writing aid made from a textured friction material with a pebbled surface. People who have difficulty grasping a writing pen or pencil will find this durable holder easy to use. The Writing Grip is made from textured non-slip material with a pocket for holding a pen, pencil, stylus, or paintbrush and an elastic strap secures the grip to the user’s finger. The grip measures 3 inches long, 1.25 inches wide. To use the grip, slide the pen in and then loop the strap around the user’s finger. To clean the grip, hand-wash it in the sink using soap and water, or use the dishwasher. Grip Solutions Writing Grip Specifications: Color: Black. Dimensions: 3 inches long, 1.25 inches wide, with 0.25 inch wide slits. Material: Proprietary abrasion resistance/non-slip PVC based thermoplastic coating. Co-efficient of friction: ASTM D 3247 Wet: 0.83, Dry: 1.36. Care: Clean with soap & water, disinfectant wipes or common household cleaning liquids.