GripWare High Sided Dish

The GripWare High Sided Dish has raised vertical sides and a non-skid bottom. The high sides are helpful for scooping food, making eating independently easier for individuals with decreased hand coordination, weakness or tremors. The high side dish is available in two styles. The Standard Dish maintains the 1.25 inch height completely around the circumference of the dish. The Cut Out Edge Dish has a sloping side that tapers from 1.25 to 0.5 inches high, for easier entry of utensils. Both dishes have a diameter of 7.75 inches. On the bottom are round, nonskid feet with textured rubber surface that grips tabletops and helps prevent the dish from sliding. Both adapted dishes are made of melamine, which is not microwave safe, but is household dishwasher safe. These unique dishes with high sides and non-skid bottom ideal for people who have the use of only one hand, and for those with limited flexibility or motor coordination, neurological disorders or ataxia. GripWare High Sided Dish helps to instill confidence by helping to maintain a clean eating environment. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. GripWare High Sided Dish Specifications: Dimensions: 7.75 inches diameter, 1.25 inch high sides. Standard Dish: 1.25 inch high sides all the way around. Cutout Edge Dish: 1.25 inch high side slopes on one side down to 0.5 inch high. Material: Melamine. Care: Should not be microwaved. Household dishwasher safe.