Hand Key-Per Household Aid

The Hand Key-Per Household Aid is a versatile multi-purpose tool that provides increased leverage to make opening pop top cans, medicine bottles, bags easier. This daily living aid is helpful for weak hands to open a variety of items and is small enough to fit in a pocket easily. The Hand Key-Per is easy to use for opening the medicine bottles with the press-and-turn tops and match-the-arrow tops. A pop-top beverage can opener makes opening ring top cans easier for people with decreased hand and finger strength. The magnet picks up paper clips, ear rings and pins. Open tough frozen food bags and envelopes easily with the slitter. An emery board is also included for emergency nail repair. Two keys can be stored inside, and the Hand Keyper makes them easy to find. The Hand Key-Per includes a key turner, pop top opener, bottle opener, bag or envelope slitter, key ring, emergency emery board, magnet and comes complete with instructions. Hand Key-Per Household Aid Specifications: Color: Red. Measures: 2-3/4 inch diameter. Includes: One Hand Key-Per Household Aid and instructions.