HealthCraft Smart-Rail System Bed Rail

The HealthCraft Smart-Rail System Bed Rail is a bed safety rail that provides assistance for bed mobility, standing and transferring into and out of bed. This unique bed rail unlocks and pivots outward to provide better standing support with less reaching and twisting. The HealthCraft Smart-Rail System Bed Rail provides a great solution for people who have difficulty with bed mobility and bed transfers. The bed assist rail can be positioned in the closed and open position. The closed position with the rail parallel to the side of the bed, provides support for rolling side to side and positioning while in bed. The open position, the rail pivots out from the bed and touches down to the ground to assist the user when moving to a standing position. The Smart-Rail is easily installed between the mattress and box spring, and secured tightly with a safety strap. For many, getting in and out of bed can be quite a chore. Unlike fixed-style bed rails, the Smart-Rail System Bed Rail is an innovative bed assist rail designed for those requiring a little help for moving, standing and transferring in and out of bed. HealthCraft Smart-Rail System Bed Rail Instructions HealthCraft Smart-Rail System Bed Rail Specifications: Material: Alloy steel. Finish: Anti-microbial powder coat white gloss finish. Grip material: Non-slip, PVC closed cell foam, latex free. Rail Measurements: 1.5 inch diameter, 16.5 inches long, height adjusts 27 to 36 inches. Item weight: 13 pounds. Weight Capacity: 300 pounds. Important Note: This bed rail will not work on hospital beds or futons.