Heartflex Upper Body Exerciser

The HeartFlex Upper Body Exerciser improves function of specific upper body muscles and joints while stimulating circulation. The unique resistance assembly is completely passive and cannot snap back causing pain and injury. People of all ages will find this fun and easy repetition exerciser helpful for rehabilitation and improving physical fitness. The HeartFlex combines resistance exercise with repetitions to increase strength while increasing flexibility and endurance. The passive resistance is less likely to cause injury during rehabilitation as compared to overloading with weights, springs or resistance bands. The versatile assembly can be used for a variety of exercises, challenges beginners and conditioned athletes, stimulates vascular, pulmonary and lymphatic circulatory systems. This upper body exercise aid is designed to produces gentle consistent resistance throughout the range of motion. The compact, lightweight, easy to use design of the Heartflex makes it ideal for home and office fitness. Each Heartflex includes a brochure and instructional DVD that demonstrates 35 movements targeting grip, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, chest and back. HeartFlex Upper Body Exerciser Specifications: Measures: 25 inches long, 1 inch diameter. Handles measure: 1-1/2 inch diameter, 4-3/4 inches long. Weight: 9 oz. Made in: USA.