Heavyweight Pen with The Grip

The Heavyweight Pen with The Grip is an elegant, professional looking adapted ball point pen that is weighted to help stabilize the hand while writing. This ergonomic pen has a large, soft grip that is comfortable to hold. The Heavyweight Pen with The Grip is a therapeutic writing aid designed to help people with tremor or decreased hand control. The increased weight of this weighted pen increases feedback and proprioception for the user to increase awareness of hand and fingers, resulting in greater control and tolerance. The Heavyweight Pen helps to improve handwriting legibility by reducing tremors, reducing fatigue, and increasing muscle strength. The Heavyweight Pen combines two unique, beneficial features added weight and the patented ergonomic grip. The pen weighs 2.8 ounces which encourages the user to use their larger muscles in the arm, thereby reducing strain on smaller, more sensitive hand muscles. The pen rests effortlessly in the hand and decreases the no need for downward pressure for writing. The Heavyweight Pen with The Grip uses a standard Schmidt Parker refill which are widely available in office supply stores. The retractable pen comes with black ink and is gift boxed. The Heavyweight Pen with The Grip Specifications: Weighs: 2.8 ounces. Fits: Adults & Children, for Right or Left handed users. Color: Black pen with black ink. Refills: Standard Schmidt Parker refill (widely available from office supply stores). Includes: One high quality Swiss ink cartridge.