Heavyweight Pencil with The Grip

The Heavyweight Pencil with The Grip is a therapeutic product designed to help improve handwriting legibility by reducing tremors, reducing fatigue, and increasing muscle strength. This weighted writing aid combines two unique, beneficial features added weight and a patented ergonomic grip. The added weight of the Heavyweight Pencil allows it to rest effortlessly rest in the hand, so the user does not need to provide downward pressure for writing. The pencil also helps to reduce writing fatigue by decreasing the burden on smaller, more sensitive hand muscles while encouraging support from larger muscles in the arm. The ergonomic grip is called The Pencil Grip and gently positions fingers in the proper, ergonomic position for gripping. The unique shape was designed by a doctor for hand comfort and to increase control. The grip helps the hand to relax for writing without fatiguing by reducing stress on the fingers. The grip has a letters printed which designate the right or left thumb positioning so that the other fingers are also positioned correctly on the underside of the grip. Nine 2.0 mm graphite refills are included with the Heavyweight Pencil. The pencil weighs approximately 4.0 ounces which is evenly distributed throughout the pencil so it is easily balanced and controlled. Occupational therapists often recommend weighted writing aids like the Heavyweight Pencil for managing the challenges associated with hand disabilities. Heavyweight Pencil with The Grip Specifications: Weight: 4.3 ounces. Fits: Adults & Children, Righties & Lefties. Color: Black. Refills: Includes nine 2.0 mm graphite refills.