IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support

The IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support is made of breathable foam covered with soft fabric to keep the elbow comfortably positioned. The amount of support needed can be customized from maximum immobilization with the splint, to gentle support with the splint removed. The IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support features a removable rigid plastic insert. Inserting the splint lateral to the elbow provides maximum immobilization, blocking elbow flexion and preventing painful movements during rest and sleep. The comfortable elbow support has soft foam padding lined with breathable cotton and covered with flannel-like fabric. The dual closure straps can be easily adjusted with one hand for compression and support. This adjustable elbow splint helps relieve elbow pain associated with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Medial Epicondylitis, Bursitis, Tennis Elbow sprains, Ulnar Nerve Compression, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Tendinitis and other painful elbow conditions. This elbow positioning aid is ideal for nighttime positioning and can be used on right or left arm. To determine the correct size needed, measure the circumference of the middle of the bicep. The IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support Universal size measures 11.25 inches long and fits 10-14 inch biceps. The IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support X-Large measures 13 inches long and fits 12-16 inch biceps. IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support Instructions IMAK Adjustable Elbow Support Specifications: Fits: Right or Left arm. Material: Soft poly-flannel fabric with cotton lining. Latex free. Care: Hand or machine wash and air dry flat. Color: Blue. Universal Size: Measures 11.25 inches long, fits 10-14 inch bicep. X-Large Size: Measures 13 inches long, fits 12-16 inch bicep. Made in: USA.