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Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand


The Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand is a simple, safe and hygienic reaching aid designed to help make self care easier for people who have difficulty reaching. Caregivers will find this long reach toilet aid easy and comfortable to use. The Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand was developed based on in-depth study by occupational therapists, designers, engineers. The thoughtfully designed angled toilet wand can be used from a front or back approach, depending on the user’s condition and level of mobility. The patent-pending new toilet aid has a soft ergonomic handle that is comfortable to grip. The easy-squeeze trigger locks in place once toilet paper, or a pre-moistened wipe, is inserted between two front pads. The release button on the top, forward blue section provides one-handed release from the back, rear position. The release button on the top of the blue handle area is designed for one-handed use from the front position. The Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand Aid is also available with a storage Caddy for easily storing the wand. The Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand includes instructions that are easy to follow. First, gather 2-3 sheets of toilet paper or one wipe into a ball. Do not use more than the recommended amount of tissue or wipes at one time. Next, place tissue or wipe between the two halves of the tip – so that most of the tissue or wipe sticks out the top. Squeeze up on the trigger-handle to lock tip in place. Depending on need or condition, the toilet aid can be used from the front or back. After wiping, push release button in either of two locations on top of trigger handle to discharge the tissue or wipe. Repeat as needed. The manufacturer recommends consulting with your physician or occupational therapist before use. Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand Specifications: Measures: 1.7 inches wide, 3.5 inches high,18.2 inches long. Weight: 6.6 ounces. Care: Clean with warm soapy water. Choose: Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand or Juvo Self-Assist Toileting Wand with Caddy.

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