Large Grip Swivel Spoon

The Large Grip Swivel Spoon is a stainless steel spoon with swivel mechanism that keeps the utensil level so food doesn’t slide off. People with limited wrist movement, poor coordination or hand tremors may find this adapted self-leveling spoon helpful for dining with less spillage. The Swivel Spoon has a built in swivel limiters that prevent excess rotation or swing and allow the utensil to scoop food. The comfortable non-slip vinyl with finger indentations provides a more secure grip. Users with limited grip strength, ALS, limited dexterity, hand tremors will find the easy to grip, ergonomic handles and moving utensil head help to make mealtime stress-free. Large Grip Swivel Spoon Specifications: Measures: 8 inches long overall. Handle measures 4 inches long, 1 inch diameter. Spoon head measures 2.5 inches long, 1.5 inch wide. Materials: Stainless steel spoon head, soft, non-slip vinyl grip. BPA and Phthalates Free. Care: Dishwasher safe up to 180&#176. Made in: Canada .