Living Easy Wheelchair Table

The Living Easy Wheelchair Table is an innovative portable table with a clamp that is designed to securely attach to horizontal, vertical, or angled wheelchair frame tubing. Wheelchair users will find this easy-to-use table helpful for a variety of daily tasks. The Living Easy Wheelchair Table has a patent-pending clamp & tube assistive device system that allows it to be connected to many different attachments. The clamp can be secured to tubing on a wheelchair frame without adding extra width. Three aluminum tubes (7, 9, and 14 inches long) that fit into each other, and the clamp, are included to make custom height adjustments for the various attachments. The attachments include the tabletop, hook and cup holder that are made of polypropylene. The cup holder is flexible to provide added protection from repeated hits and bumps. The versatile hook can carry items such as keys, cell phones, and bags while shopping. The tray easily detaches from the tubes, which break down into three compact pieces. The table top swivels out of the way when it is not needed. This wheelchair table tray was invented and developed by a quadriplegic for users with limited dexterity. The Living Easy Wheelchair Table provides wheelchair users an extra ‘arm’ or ‘hand’ when needed for everyday tasks and hobbies at home, school, in restaurants, theaters, and stores. Living Easy Wheelchair Table Instructions Living Easy Wheelchair Table Specifications Includes: Patent pending clamp, 3 aluminum tubes (7, 9, and & 14 inches), table tray top, cup-holder, hook. Product weight: 4.5 lbs. (with clamp). Table capacity: 24 lbs. Table height: Adjusts 6 – 29 inches. Cup holder: 4 inch diameter, 4 inches tall. Table top: 11.5 inches long, 9.75 inches wide, 0.75 inch high.