Medi-Beads Neck Rest

The Medi-Beads Neck Rest provides relief for tight, sore muscles resulting from stress, tension, and prolonged static activities. This moist heat wrap rests gently on the top of the shoulders and base of the neck. The Medi-Beads Neck Rest microwave activated moist heat pad measures 10.5 inches wide, 14 inches long and is a horseshoe shape designed to conform to the top of the shoulders. Deeply penetrating moist heat helps restore muscles to a relaxed and natural healthy state. The pad sits comfortably around the shoulders and maintains it’s horseshoe shape. Because Medi-Beads Wraps are ready for use in just a minute and are applied directly to the site of pain, relief begins immediately. The wraps continue to deliver therapeutic moist heat for up to thirty minutes. This is the medically recommended treatment time for heat therapy within a three to four hour period. Through a patent pending process, Medi-Beads continuously recharge by absorbing only water molecules from the air. Adding water is not necessary. The absorbed water is held, purified and released as “clean moist heat” when the MediBeads Wrap is microwaved. The result is a bacteria and odor-free wrap. Unlike other grain and pellet products, MediBeads need no special covers, they will not dry out, dissolve or disintegrate. MediBeads Wraps are washable, so no special covers are required. When removed from the microwave, the temperature of MediBeads Wrap does not increase. This prevents inadvertent burns, which are caused by the continued temperature increase (“cooking”) prevalent in all gel packs. Microwave activation eliminates potentially dangerous use of boiling water, electricity or ovens. MediBeads are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to use and portable. Medibeads Instructions Medi-Beads Neck Rest Specifications: Measures: 14 inches long, 10 inches wide. Care Instructions: Hand wash in a mild detergent and allow to air dry 24 hours. Material: Non-toxic and latex free. Made in: USA.