Nail Clipper Board

The Nail Clipper Board consist of nail clippers mounted onto a plastic board with suction cups on bottom. These adapted nail clippers provide a stable base for users who have difficulty holding and using standard nail clippers. The Nail Clipper Board with suction base can be attached to flat surfaces by the suction cups. The finger nail clipper is securely attached to a plastic base. There are two suction-cup feet on the bottom of the plastic base that provide stability, and prevent the board from slipping when suctioned to a table or desk. The base has firmly adhering suction cups for mounting onto tables or counters, providing stability so the board doesn’t move around while in use. This nail clipping aid is ideal for people with have difficulty holding nail clippers or with limited pinching ability. The Nail Clipper Board provides a helpful solution for users who have difficulty using regular fingernail clippers. Nail Clipper Board Specifications: Board measures: 4 inches long, 2 inches wide. Includes: One Nail Clipper Board.