Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish :: Red

The Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish Red has a rubber padded bottom that helps provide increased control. This adapted dining plate is molded low in front and high in back to help make scooping food easier. The Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish Red color provides a bright colored background for people with low vision to be able to see light colored foods easier. The 8 inch size round plate is ideal for light meals or snacks. The inside back of the dish measures 1-1/8 inches high, and is rounded to allow food to “plop” on to the eating utensil. Durable plastic plate washes in the top shelf of a domestic dishwasher. Not recommended for heating food in a microwave. Non Skid Scoopy Scoop Dish Red Specifications: Diameter : 8 inches. Height: 0.25 inch low edge, 1.5 inch high edge. Materials: ABS Plastic, BPA and latex free. Neoprene padded base. Color: Red. Care: Top rack domestic dishwasher safe, water below 180 o F, keep away from heating coils, use household detergents. NOT recommended for microwave.