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Non-Slip Grip-It-Strips


The Non-Slip Grip-It-Strips are a set of slip resistant textured strips with self -adhesive backing that attach to electronics to provide a better grip. Placing these strips on the top and bottom of a laptop computer provides protection against having it unexpectedly slip out of your hands on to the floor. The strips are especially useful for persons with basal thumb arthritis or weak hand grip because the strip greatly reduces the amount of force the user has to exert to hold the device securely. Insurance studies show that thousands of laptop computers every day are damaged from all forms of handling accidents. The risk of dropping a laptop has increased significantly with the increased usage of laptops around the home, on the road, or handling at airport security check points by gloved personnel. Grip-It- Strips can be applied to all laptop computers, IPads, Ultrabooks, NetBooks, ChromeBooks, Microsoft Surface Pro’s. People who have difficulty gripping have also found them useful for cameras, cordless phones, cell phones, and remote controls. The self-adhesive strips can be applied to any plastic or metal smooth surface to provide extra grip. Grip-it Strips have been recommended by the Editors of Major PC and Consumer Magazines and Advocate Groups. Non-Slip Grip-It-Strips are pre-cut in wave and circle designs. They can easily be cut to adapt to any surface openings, and are easily removable without any harm to the surface of the electronic item. Each package contains enough strips to properly protect small laptops that measure 15.4 inches or less. For laptops that are 16 inches or larger, two packages are needed. The strips are constructed of 3M material and are 1/24 of an inch thick with a bumpy texture. Grip-It Strips are sold in black and gray, but are available in other colors (Purple, Teal & Magenta) by special order. Non-Slip Grip-It-Strips Instructions for Assembly and Use Non-Slip Grip-It-Strips Specifications: Package: Includes 10 strips, 14 dots. Material: 3M material with a bumpy texture. Latex free. Measures: 8.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1/24 inch thick. Color: Black. (Gray, Purple, Teal & Magenta available by special order.)

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