OPTP Slant Boards

The OPTP Slant Boards are lightweight, but sturdy, incline boards constructed of special weight-bearing foam. This pair of durable foam wedges is ideal for stretching, strengthening, and positioning for users at home or in a clinical setting. OPTP Slant Boards are helpful for prevention and rehabilitation of common lower-leg and foot problems such as Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, shin splints, calf strains, plantar fasciitis, overuse syndromes and post-surgery contraction. The special weight-bearing foam wedges are easier to handle, and more affordable than wooden, metal or plastic boards. The boards measure 11-3/4 inches long and wide, 3-3/4 inches high with an 18ยฐ incline. OPTP Slant Boards Specifications: Materials: Special weight bearing foam Latex-free. Includes: One pair. Item weight: 10.2 ounces. Made in: USA. Measure: 11-3/4 inches long and wide, 3-3/4 inches high. Incline: 18 degrees.