In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Adaptive knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls and other adapted eating utensils. Here you will find helpful products that make eating and feeding tasks easier. More »

On The Move

On The Move

You will find these helpful adaptive items here: walker baskets, wheelchair bags, wheelchair accessories, walker accessories, walker glides, swivel cushions, folding carts, walking aids, and other mobility aids. More »

Around the House

Around the House

Adaptive Household Aids can help make daily activities easier. We provide a variety of reachers, grasping aids, tools, writing aids, door knob grippers, key turners, jumbo playing cards, playing card holders and more! More »

Crescent Pillow Mate

The Crescent Pillow Mate cervical pillow gently cradles the neck. Crescent shape provides support for cervical alignment without forward flexion.Made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber. Measures 14x 12x3in. Choose from white polyester/cotton cover

Helping Hand Arthri Reacher

The Helping Hand Arthri Reacher is a helpful reaching aid designed to utilize power from the whole hand. People with a weaker grip or limited hand movement will find this grabber comfortable

Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher

The Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher is a helpful daily living aid for grabbing a variety of items. People with reduced mobility or for those recovering from joint surgery will find this

Helping Hand Tru-Grip Max Reacher

The Helping Hand Tru-Grip Max Reacher has a super comfortable gel handle and locking jaw to help make picking up hard to reach items easier. This flexible, comfortable grabber is ideal for

Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Sponge

The Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Sponge has a strong, long plastic handle and a soft bristle brush that is ideal for making bathing and washing easier for people who have

Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Pumice

The Helping Hand Foot Scrub Brush with Pumice has a soft bristle brush and pumice stone for keeping feet scrubbed and clean without bending down. People who have difficulty bending to reach

Evolution Point Tweezers

Evolution Point Tweezers feature wide, soft, non slip gripping surfaces. The ergonomic design allows you to hold the tweezers in a traditional pinch grip or a palm grip for extra stability. If

Evolution Toenail Clippers

The wider jaw opening of the Evolution Toenail Clippers allow you to fit thick toenails between the cutting edges. Even really curved toenails can be cut with the shorter blades of these

Evolution Nail Clippers

The contoured handle of the Evolution Nail Clippers allows you to hold these adapted clippers in a comfortable position. These ergonomic nail clippers cut better, are more comfortable to grip, and make

DuoGlide 8 Inch All-Purpose Chef s Knife

The All-Purpose DuoGlide 8 Inch All-Purpose Chef s Knife is an essential tool you’ll use every day. Whether used for cutting, slicing, or worked in a rocking motion for chopping, the unique

DuoGlide 7.5 inch Bread-Slicer Knife

This DuoGlide 7 1/2 inch Bread/Slicer Knife provides an easy, safe, and comfortable way to slice sandwiches, bread, tomatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits. The blade s edge features specially

DuoGlide 5 inch Utility Knife

With a wide blade that enhances control, the DuoGlide 5 inch Utility Knife is perfect for small jobs that used to seem monumental. It s ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping parsley,

DuoGlide 3 3/8 inch Paring Knife

The DuoGlide 3 3/8 inch Paring Knife should be a staple in every kitchen. It has a sharp, precision-ground, extra-wide blade that will easily cut through most any material. It’s made from

Good Grips Broom and Long Handle Dustpan Set

Make cleaning easier with the new Good Grips Broom and Long Handle Dustpan Set. These durable cleaning tools feature the ergonomically designed Good Grips rubber handles. The handles let you comfortably hold

Coiler Elastic Shoe Laces

Coiler Elastic Shoe Laces are coiled elastic shoelaces that stretch to allow you to put on or take off your lace up shoes without tying them. These stretch shoe laces are designed

AbleTripod Walking Cane Tip

The ergonomically designed AbleTripod Walking Cane Tip provides maximum stability and function to your walking cane, and makes it self-standing. This durable, specially weighted rubber compound base was designed with great care

Handy Hook Door Opener

The Handy Hook Door Opener is a long reach assistive device for wheelchair users to open locked doors. This assistive door opener makes reaching and turning door knobs, deadbolts, and door locks

Bosse Tools Ergonomic Round Point Shovel

The Bosse Tools Ergonomic Round Point Shovel is a professional grade fiberglass shaft shovel with a patented rotating center grip handle. This adapted shovel allows users to work smarter, not harder by

Therall Arthritis Gloves

The Therall Arthritis Gloves are light compression gloves that provide therapeutic warmth to reduce hand pain and swelling due to arthritis. These comfortable neoprene gloves retain body heat for warmth to relieve

Polar Ice Knee Wrap

The Polar Ice Knee Wrap is an easy to use, soft fleece wrap with encapsulated ice packs for long lasting cold therapy. Freeze this knee wrap for soothing cold therapy with compression