In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

Adaptive knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls and other adapted eating utensils. Here you will find helpful products that make eating and feeding tasks easier. More »

On The Move

On The Move

You will find these helpful adaptive items here: walker baskets, wheelchair bags, wheelchair accessories, walker accessories, walker glides, swivel cushions, folding carts, walking aids, and other mobility aids. More »

Around the House

Around the House

Adaptive Household Aids can help make daily activities easier. We provide a variety of reachers, grasping aids, tools, writing aids, door knob grippers, key turners, jumbo playing cards, playing card holders and more! More »

Juvo 20 inch Reacher

The Juvo 20 inch Reacher has a comfortable ergonomic handle with a unique trigger lock. Use all of your fingers to squeeze the handle to close the jaws, then press the trigger

Verti-Grip Rocker Knife

The Verti-Grip Rocker Knife is a vertical handle rocker knife designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities or use of only one hand. This knife requires predominantly downward pressure and

Suction Base Vegetable & Fruit Holder

The Suction Base Vegetable & Fruit Holder helps make peeling vegetable and fruits with one hand easier. This adapted food holder has a large suction base with 2 sharp prongs attached.The rubber

26 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK

The 26 inch EZ Reacher with SAF-T-LOK with round silicone tips provides a powerful and secure grip. This long reaching aid with locking mechanism holds the jaws securely around the item being

EzGrip ResQ Gel Pen

Using the ergonomic EzGrip ResQ Gel Pen is a unique experience — not only for its writing abilities described as floating on paper, but having the distinction as a pen that cradles

Handi Bracelet

The Handi Bracelet firmly holds your bracelet in place, allowing you to you easily fasten the clasp. This attractive elastic bracelet has a hook that holds the bracelet clasp for you.The Handi

Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid

The Foam Handle Deluxe Sock Aid is helpful for putting on socks without bending over. Simply slide the sock over the flexible plastic form, and use padded handles on long cords to

Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle Extension

The Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle Extension is a flexible, one piece, lightweight handle providing an easier way for users to reach their seat belt. Some seat belts are positioned so they

Texture Grip Button Zipper Aid

The Texture Grip Button Zipper Aid has a textured gray handle that is easy to grip. This buttoning aid helps users with limited dexterity to button a shirt or blouse and zip

Gold Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

The Gold Magnetic Jewelry Clasp is very secure, and easy to use. The clasp is an ideal solution if you have difficulties using clasps due to arthritis.The Gold Magnetic Jewelry Clasp will

Magnetic Silver Jewelry Clasp with Safety Snap

The Magnetic Silver Jewelry Clasp with Safety Snap is very secure, and easy to use. The clasp is an ideal solution if you have difficulties using clasps due to arthritis.Magnetic Silver Jewelry

Hooker Bracelet Helper

The Hooker Bracelet Helper provides users with a quick and easy way to put on bracelets, button and zip. This dressing aid is helpful for people who have difficulty securing a bracelet.This

Pen & Pencil Weight Kit

The Pen & Pencil Weights Kit includes 6 weights, 3 grips, 12 o-rings, and a dozen #2 pencils. Adding weights to a pen or pencil provides feedback for those with difficulty in

Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter

The Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter allows the arms to be used to help lift a leg onto a wheelchair rest, bed, or into a car. Three loops provide forearm assisted leg

Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVD

Chair Aerobics for Everyone is an effective alternative to conventional exercise if you have never exercised, cannot stand for a prolonged amount of time or are just returning to a fitness routine.

EZGrip Pen Grips

The EZGrip Pen Grips feature an ergonomic design that is aimed at reducing grip pressure for people suffering from decreased hand strength and carpal tunnel. This pen grip allows the use of

Back Spa Back Scrubber

Back Spa Back Scrubber is a unique back scrubber made of the same soft bristles as our famous Soapy Soles. It is designed for massaging and cleaning your back without all the

Jewelry Helper Accessory Kit

We have put together this handy Jewelry Helper Accessory Kit to assist with your necklace and earring needs.This Kit Contains: 1 -Hooker – Style No. 1300 – Our 3 In 1 Fastener.

LEVO LED Book Light

The LEVO LED Book Light is a handy book light, a reading light, and a multipurpose light for all sorts of applications.Super bright light is the perfect choice to light up our

Evo Pens Package of 2

The Evo Pen helps eliminate hand pain and cramping when writing. The Evo Pen has a kidney shaped body that allows the user to cup the pen in the palm of the