Penco Patriotic Walkerballs

Penco Patriotic Walkerballs are brightly colored red, white, and blue walker tennis balls that help increase mobility by allowing walkers with front wheels to glide effortlessly on most surfaces. These are the original high-quality Walkerballs, felt-covered hollow rubber balls that are pre-cut for easy installation. Penco Patriotic Walkerballs add personality to a standard walker and provide walker users scuff-free movement across the floor. These original walker balls are pre-cut and easy to install. Cutting standard tennis balls is difficult, but these pre-cut tennis balls help prevent injuries and fit most walker tubing. To install these walker glides, first, remove any tips from the walker leg, squeeze the Walkerball until the slit pops open, then slide onto the walker leg until firmly in place. These walker glides are designed to fit most walkers and are recommended for indoor surfaces. Front wheeled walker users will find the Penco Patriotic Walkerballs offer a unique alternative to standard glides for walkers. Penco Patriotic Walkerball Specifications: Color: Red, white, and blue. Includes: One pair tennis ball glides for wheeled walkers.