Plastisol Coated Spoons

The Plastisol Coated Spoons are spoons with plastic coating that helps protect the user’s teeth and lips. Choose from the Plastisol Coated Teaspoon, Youthspoon or Soupspoon. The Plastisol Coated Spoons have bowls with a soft, smooth protective coating that increases the thickness of the bowl. People with spasticity or limited hand control will find the Plastisol coating provides protection from rough utensil edges and temperature sensitivity. The Plastisol Coated Soup Spoon is 6 inches long with a round 1.5 inch diameter bowl. The Plastisol Coated Teaspoon is 6 inches long with a 1.25 inch wide bowl. The stainless steel handle measures 0.5 inch diameter at base. Plastisol Coated Spoons should be hand washed in cold water to prolong product life. Please note: Plastisol Coated Spoons are not recommended for those with heavy biting reflexes. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Plastisol Coated Spoons Specifications: Choose: Teaspoon, Soupspoon or Youthspoon. Materials: Stainless steel handles, spoon bowls coated in non-toxic Plastisol. Latex free. Soup spoon measures: 6 inches long, round 1.5 inch bowl. Teaspoon measures: 6 inches long, oval 1.25 inch bowl. Handle measures: 0.5 inch wide diameter at base. Care: Dishwasher safe up to 180ยฐF. Recommend hand wash in cold water to prolong product life. Product note: Not recommended for: those with heavy biting reflexes.