Redware Tableware Deluxe Dining Set

The Redware Tableware Deluxe Dining Set includes five bright red dining aids that provide a high contrast to light colored foods. These adaptive dishes and utensils help people with low vision or Alzheimer’s to increase their food and liquid intake. The Redware Tableware Deluxe Dining Set was designed to provide increased contrast to light colored foods for users with decreased vision. Using high-contrast tableware such as Redware has been found to help users experience an increase in food intake and increase in liquid intake. A Boston University Study found that users increased food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% when using tableware that provided a high color contrast to the foods they were eating. These red dishes provide a high contrast background for light color foods that many Alzheimer’s patients may not be able to see on typically light colored tableware. The Redware Tableware Deluxe Dining Set includes 5 adapted dining aids. The Red Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid is a deep divided plate with 3 sections, and a fitted lid that makes food delivery and leftover storage easier. The Red Inner Lip Plate is similar to a standard dinner plate but includes a curved edge within the plate that keeps food from sliding off the plate, ideal for people with reduced muscle control. The included utensils with build up red handles are easier to grip. Redware Tableware Basic Dining Set Instructions Redware Tableware Deluxe Set Specifications: Includes: Red Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid, Red handle built-up fork and spoon, Red Drinking Cup, Red Inner Lip Plate. Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe.