Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide

The Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide is an easy to use dressing aid that is designed to help users put on socks without bending. This extra wide sock application device has an indented channel on the inside that guides the heel and keeps the foot in position. To use the Rigid Sock Aid, slip the sock over the end of the sock aid that does not have the strap. Make sure the sock comes in contact with the black circle on the back of the sock aid. While sitting down, hold the strap and lower the aid to the floor in front of your foot. The extra wide rigid trough holds it shape and keeps the sock open. Slip your toes into the opened sock and pull the strap until your foot is completely inside. Continue pulling the strap until the sock is all the way on and the aid slides out of the sock. The Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide has a rope loop handle that measures 35 inches long. The length of the strap can be easily adjusted using the clamps on each side of the sock aid. The loop strap allows this sock aid to be used with one or two hands. This sock aid is extra wide and is ideal for people with edema or larger feet. People who have difficulty bending to put on socks will find the Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide helpful for increasing dressing independence. Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide Instructions Rigid Sock Aid with Heel Guide Specifications: Measures: 5 inches wide, 9 inches long, 4 inches high. Strap measures: 35 inches long. Color: White. Care: Clean with mild household cleaner.