Ring Pen Ultra Writing Aid

The Ring Pen Ultra Writing Aid is a new ergonomic contoured grip that holds a pen, pencil or paint brush and in a more comfortable position. The holder provides better control and does not require a tight grip generally needed to hold conventional writing implements. The Ring Pen Ultra is a contoured molded gripper that firmly grips a pen or pencil. The user’s index finger slips through the opening in the center. The balanced design provides much better control, making it easier to position the tip on the paper and reduce the amount of tremor from the fingers. People with poor fine motor control, hand disabilities, or decreased dexterity who have difficulty writing may find this writing aid helpful. The Ring Pen Ultra is available in 3 sizes: Large Black, Medium Blue, or Small Yellow (color indicates the size.) Large Black size will work for most men’s hands and larger women’s hands. Medium Blue size will work for most women’s hands and for smaller men’s hands. Small Yellow size is best suited for children. The Ring Pen Ultra is only available for right hand users at this time. The Ring Pen Ultra Writing Aid Specifications: Choose size: Large Black, Medium Blue, Small Yellow. Medium measures: 4 inches long, 1.5 inch wide. Holds: Most conventional writing implements and some artist paint brushes. Fits: Right hand.